How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 1

It’s time for a two-cent tip. Enter Transparent Wallpaper! A new feature coming to MIUI 11. Once activated, you can enjoy a cool new look on your MIUI 11 user interface (UI).

What is the Transparent Wallpaper anyway? It is a brand new feature allows you to have transparent apps’ background exposing your favorite background image. It’s not the wallpaper image itself being transparent. Instead, you can have a custom background image on any apps using the wallpaper image of your homescreen.

Currently, the feature is available only on MIUI 11 China Beta ROM. Having that said, this feature is currently experimental but it will get its way to the Global Stable ROM soon. Alternatively, you can switch to MIUI China Beta ROM or to ROM weekly build.

How to activate it?

Step 1. Launch up the Themes app, then tap the [My Account] menu at the bottom.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 2

Step 2. Choose [Theme lab] option, then tap the [Transparent Wallpaper] to continue.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 3

Step 3. Tap on the button to toggle on the transparent wallpaper. A notification will pop up saying “Turned on successfully“. Tap the [Go to Themes] option.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 4

Step 4. The MIUI Themes app will open. Browse, find, and choose any wallpaper image you like. Tap on the [Apply] button to choose the image you want it as the homescreen wallpaper.

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Step 5. A popup will appear. Next, choose [Set as Transparent Wallpaper] and you’ll see a pop-up message saying “Applied Successfully“.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 5

Step 6. Open the Themes app again. Follow Step 1 and 2 above which direct you to this sequence: Themes >> My Account >> Theme Lab >> Transparent Wallpaper.

Step 7. Tap the “Select apps that should work with transparent wallpapers” then choose the apps for the applied Transparent Wallpaper.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 6

Step 8. Go back one page and set the desired level of opacity for your transparent wallpaper. This allows you to have a comfortable eyes-friendly setting.

How to Enable MIUI 11 Transparent Wallpaper 7

That’s all.

Furthermore, the steps above allow you to download and use any wallpaper images from the MIUI Themes gallery. Luckily, you can also use your own photos in the Gallery.


  1. Open the Gallery app.
  2. Browse/find the photo of your choice.
  3. Tap on its thumbnail to open it.
  4. tap the (…) More options at the bottom.
  5. Choose “Set as Wallpaper“.
  6. Tap the [Apply] button.
  7. Choose “Set as Transparent Wallpaper“.
  8. Applied Successfully.
  9. Again, you can choose which app should work with transparent wallpaper.
  10. Enjoy!

Credits belong to Prince26712.


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