Download Movepic VIP Mod APK (Latest Version)

Download Movepic VIP Mod APK (Latest Version) 1

Looking for a powerful app to make a 3D loop leap alight pictures? Enter Movepic! A photo motion maker app for your Android phone.

Such motion photos become so popular recently, with the rise of Instagram and TikTok.

Motion photos are animated images created from still images then animated to look like alive.

Normally, the technique on creating such animated moving photos is not so easy. You can use Adobe Photoshop but there are so many tricks to learn.

Movepic is coming to cut the long process of creating notion leap images.

You can use Movepic app to generate fabulous live photos, live wallpapers, and gifs with cool animated effects.

You don’t need to learn rocket science or take expensive online course to create 3D photo motion.

Simply download and install this app on your phone.

Whether you are a senior photographer or a newbie one, it will be super easy to open a photo on the Movepic app and tap some buttons.

The app has a set of tools to help you create motion effects for your photos, simply and quickly.

If you tried Pixaloop before, then you are going to love this app as well. It works in similar manner.

Key Features

Animate still images – Animate anything in alight motion photos simply by drawing a path. You can also adjust the speed of the loops photo animation.

Make the river flow, clouds move, hair float, and even make fire dance!

Movepic helps you to create amazing short videos and be an excellent live photo editor & photo animator.

Magical Sky – Replace the bland Skies with colorful sunsets and animated clouds. You can turn your pocket sky video into pixel art, and flip a clip into a masterpiece.

Movepic developers has managed to integrate a wide range of effects and filters for the sky. Just make a selection from the gallery, then enjoy your work.

There are quite a few themes, the most prominent and popular are Super, Starlight, Whale, Nebule and Hope.

Thanks to advanced AI technology, you can easily create a blue sky with floating white clouds, a magical sky with colorful bands of light or even a sky with flying stars.

Moreover, Movepic also allows you to fine-tune the transparency of the original sky and the degree of the sky effect applied.

Pixel Dispersion Effect – You can also add amazing dispersion effects by simple tapping to turn your photos into sci-fi movies with our awesome presets. This feature also allows you to customize the speed, direction, and motion mode of how the particles break away.

Camera FX – This is one of the features that makes Movepic top notch.

In general, Camera FX feature has a wide range of effects, divided into themes such as: Hot, 3D Camera, Orbit, Custom, Jitter and Transition.

Each theme has its own way of motion and varies the depth of the image. You can choose your favorite picture and choose to try.

Double Exposure – Do not forget to also use multiple photos to blend and overlap. Be an excellent blend maker and blend editor by using all these photo blending effects.

Stickers – Some other features you can enjoy are Stickers. Add animated stickers to contribute to the uniqueness of your own work.

Download Movepic APK Mod

You can download the official app directly from Play Store.

However, for those looking for the modded VIP version that comes with all premium features unlocked including exclusive motion effects, stickers, FX camera, and Magic Sky.

APK Mod is the ported version of app offering same functions with additional perks and all premium VIP features unlocked.

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You can download Movepic VIP full version APK Mod with all features unlocked from direct link below.

The file is hosted on our mirror server in Europe.

File name :
Version 2.6.6 | 317 downloads | Size: 37 MB

How to Use

To create your photos, you will first need to grant access to the media files to Movepic.

Then, select the photo you want to edit and import it into the app’s gallery.

On the editing screen, select Path, then tap and drag the dashed arrow over the areas you want it to move. The effects will be applied immediately.

If you are not satisfied yet, you can go back or forward to the previous action.

Or, you can use the Anchor to create an anchor point and fix the motion path.

Besides the Anchor, there is another way to keep an area of the image motionless. Using the Freeze tool, you’ll tap and highlight the area you don’t want to apply.

It will freeze immediately. You can also unfreeze, remove anchor points or adjust motion speed easily.

How to Install

You can install PicsArt Mod APK in a breeze directly on your phone.

First, download the Movepic VIP Mod APK file on your phone. You can simply access this page on your mobile browser then download the APK file directly, or you can grab it on your PC then transfer it to your phone.

Whichever is easier for you. If you opt to grab it over your phone, simply tap the OK button if Chrome asks you “This type of file can harm your device,.. and so on and so on”.

Next, open the File Manager app on your Xiaomi, Redmi, Redmi Note, or Poco phone.

Look for the APK file. Commonly, you’ll find it inside the Download folder. Alternatively, you can also click the APK icon to show the list of all available APK files:

Download Lightroom Mobile CC Premium Unlocked Mod APK (Latest Version) 2

Now tap on the Movepic-vxx-mod.apk file to install it.

If this your first time installing APK file, you have to allow installation from unknown sources. Simply tap on Settings.

Download Lightroom Mobile CC Premium Unlocked Mod APK (Latest Version) 3

Next, switch on the Allow from this Source toggle.

Download Lightroom Mobile CC Premium Unlocked Mod APK (Latest Version) 4

A warning shall appear, wait for a few seconds then tap Accept.

Download Lightroom Mobile CC Premium Unlocked Mod APK (Latest Version) 5

Go back to the previous pages then tap Install. Wait for the install process to finish.

Movepic UI

Explore all features of Movepic app through its easy-to-understand user interface (UI).

Newbies will find it easy to learn and use.

Supported Devices

PicsArt Pro can run on almost all Xiaomi devices on Android 6.0 or later. It means all series released since 2018 are perfectly compatible whether it’s powered with Snapdragon or MediaTek chipset.

Flagship Xiaomi phones such as Mi 9, Mi 10, and the recently released Mi 11 are more than capable to run the app flawlessly. It can edits and export raw images hasslefreely.

Will it work on Poco series? Why not? PicsArt Golden Pro Unlocked Mod will run flawlessly on Poco X3, X3 NFC, F1, F2 Pro, and even the Poco M3.


Do I need login to use this app?
No you don’t. Simply skip the login section.

What features unlocked?
All premium VIP features including the premium motion effects, stickers, FX camera and Magic Sky.

Is this app safe to use?
The app has been scanned with AVG and Virus Total.

How to Install?
Explained above.

How can I say thanks?
Simply share this page with your friends.

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