Anti-rollback Protection and Fastboot Unlocker

Anti-rollback Protection and Fastboot Unlocker 1

Download the essential dummy image to bypass Anti-rollback Protection (ARB) by reactivating Fastboot connection from your PC to a Xiaomi device. This ARB Bypasser is a flash-able image that you can make use of before installing TWRP custom recovery on ARB-enabled devices such as Redmi Note 5, Mi 6X, Redmi S2, or Mi 8. You need this or your device will brick and broken.

What is ARB? It is a new security mechanism introduced by Google since Android Oreo. Xiaomi has managed to adopt the security measure on the latest MIUI updates for some devices. This protection will prevent users from downgrading their devices to older MIUI versions.

However, there is another side effect of the protection. Fans of custom recoveries, custom ROMs, and Magisk root, cannot easily flash any custom binaries to their phone through the ADB-fastboot connection. This dummy image acts as the fastboot unlocker.

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Download Fastboot Unlocker to bypass ARB

Grab the file from the direct link below. The file is very small in size. Download it to your computer and use programs like Winzip or Winrar to decompress the file. You may also use the built-in unzipper feature on Windows 8/8.1/10.

File name :
Version n/a | 11068 downloads | Size: 490 B

What does this ARB bypasser do?

  • It checks for the value of ARB index.
  • If the ARB index is smaller than 4, then it flashes normally.
  • If the ARB index is 4, it flashes dummy to the anti-rollback pass, then proceeds to flash a ROM, after flashing is done you will have the same ARB 4.
  • If the ARB index is bigger than 4, like 5 or something else, the script will abort and tell you to get a ROM with ARB 4.

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How to use?

fastboot flash antirbpass dummy.img

You have to flash dummy ARB bypasser or the fastboot unlocker every time you reboot your ARB-enabled device into the bootloader/fastboot mode. Otherwise, the planted ARB protection will block any fastboot commands.

Anti-rollback Protection and Fastboot Unlocker 2

Credits: AL_IRAQI.


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